Capsaicin Mudpot

Support java library. It is useful as common core for wide spread of applications and it contents reasonable amount of code for text localization, work with files and external resources, Swing framework development support etc. A lot of its parts are based on Apache Commons components, advantage is that this components are gathered into one place, enhanced and placed under simple and common interface. Library is developed mainly for internal use within own projects, but it is publicly available and free to use.


Universal encyclopedic and evidence system with support for user defined structures. It is not even time for a beta version and the end of the project is still unpredictable. In fact backend is nearly done but work on frontend continuous currently quite slow without much effort placed to it. With focus to this issue, first test version is expected in the middle of year 2008.
Final task is to create complete database of evidence cards with user-defined entries. Two types of such cards are supported, type cards and instance cards. Type cards are used to determinate group of subjects and their characteristics, whilst instance card is associated with particular subject (defined within a category introduced by type card). For example in plants evidence system there'll be type cards with data about plant family (family name, common height, general gardening info etc.), instance card will be associated with a type card and it will contain data about particular cultivated plant (where is it, date of purchase, height of this particular specimen, date of last watering etc.).
User can define his very own fields to be included on the cards. System itself has no mandatory fields (maybe except of card name), so it is fully on user to customize encyclopedia according his needs. Data's stored in internal database, schema of this database is modified automatically according to changes performed in the card design. That means that if new field is added to a card it will enhance database table with new column of appropriate type.
Fields can have different types from simple numbers, tests or other data up to combo boxes, hierarchical trees and pictures. Based on field contains it is possible not only search for a value but even sort the cards to tree structures.